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La Cilentana Salumi improves its old recipes to get the best high – quality products. La Cilentana Salumi represents the natural and professional aim of its founder. In fact MARINO DOMENICO renews the old tradition of the family in remembrance of his grandfather, who was an excellent cattle farmer devoted to the meat processing system. Due to the presence of his parents, nowdays he is a seasoned professional in this field and he his able to combine the old strategies and techniques with the new ones.

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Cilento Cold Meats

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Our Coppa, Sausages, Noglias, Bacon, Loins and Soppressatas belong to the best high-quality products and they are produced according to the old recipes of our tradition; this is possible because of the breeding of the animals which occurs exclusively in our local territory.

From Producer to Consumer

Our Factory gives special attention to the tradition and to the necessary and important food safety condition both those concerning the processing safety and those concerning the quality and monitoring of the developped products. The whole production is subjected to carefull monitoring by supervisory entities. It is not a contradictions, but only new method to promote the development of our products necessary for today’s modern marketing. La Cilentana Salumi has created its website. Internet mixes with tradition, helping both the producer and the consumer. In fact, the product get round in Italy and even all over the World. This is the better method we actually used.